Here you can find information about the examination format, the closing dates for exam applications, and the fees for the examinations.

Exam Format

The National Diploma Exam Format:

The examination,  is based on a new updated curriculum and contains selected response questions such as Multiple Choice and Extended Matching questions, as well as Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) for practical assessment. These will be supported by a Record of Experience work-based assessment which will provide students with a reflective account of their duties within the dental team.

Exam Format
The examination will be in two parts, with the written paper and the practical known as the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE).
The written paper will consist of a mixture of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Extended Matching Questions (EMQ)  and will last around 2 ½ hours. Candidates who pass this section will then be automatically entered to the OSCE (practical) stage, which will take place approximately 6 weeks after.
The curriculum is available on the NEBDN website along with further resources.

Closing Dates for Exam Applications

April Exam
1st February
November Exam 1st September
Post Reg 
March Exam
September Exam

6 January
1st July

Exam Fees

National Diploma Exam  £485
Oral Health Education & Radiography Courses £195

Please contact us for course fees information.

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